Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Agent at the Olympics

Wow, it's been ages since I've written on here. I guess I'm not cut out to be with the blogging trends. A lot of people chastise me for not jumping on the bandwagon of twitter and flickr and all those other social media sites, but to be quite honest, I'd rather spend my time working with clients then talking about it online. Is it really necessary to know every little thing about everyone?

Everyone's lives are now sound bites less than 140 characters or 30 seconds of visuals. No wonder it's getting tough for agents to sell books. I'm proud of resisting the temptation to spend more time online. Not that I don't waste a lot of it fooling around on Facebook. But then again, that's how I have connected with several new clients. So I can't knock all of social the moment.

And for those of you who know me, I finally broke down and bought a cell phone. For emergencies only. And no, don't ask me for the phone number. You won't get it. Not even if you buy the best scotch on the market. Well maybe you'll get it after I drink the scotch, but not before!

So, now onto my topic. Being a literary agent at the Vancouver Olympics. It's been crazy here,but the best part of being here during this time, is that 3/4 of my clients and potential clients are here working. It's been an amazing time.

I am a huge sports fan, and this last week I've been able to meet some of my hockey heroes and enjoy the stories and inside scoop about the games and events being held here. This really has been a turning point in my career, and I am looking forward to selling more books this year. The life of a literary agent can be  be extremely frustrating. There isn't anyone to bill when people don't show up for meetings or miss phone appointments. But I have to say that this past week has made up for all of those missed deadlines and phone calls.

It's been pretty exciting.

If you read my blog and feel like submitting some cool sports book or cook book, then please send all queries to my associate Rachel at She's pretty cool.

So until I find the time to write again. Enjoy the rest of the Olympics!

Oh, PS- Click on this link to read a great column by Kevin Blackistone- with yours truly mentioned!!
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Well, this business doesn't seem to slow down and this last month has been no exception. I've been working with some new potential clients, trying to keep my current clients stick to their deadlines, and keep up with the publishing world. With the recent wild weather in Vancouver I've been stuck in my house more than usual and it's actually forced me to buckle down and focus my energy on the upcoming year.

I'm sensing that there will be a great deal of change in my life and in publishing in the next few months, and I'm ready for the challenges that change might bring because after all I am an optimist!  I'm hoping to sign some new deals and watch all my books fly up the bestsellers list in Canada and the U.S. and work with my associate on some key publicity campaigns.

The latest of my books to hit the shelves is Tony Parsons My Life in the News. You can pick it up at the following website Chapters/Indigo 

or at the Barnes and Noble site:

You can also meet Tony in person at The Vancouver Central Library November 23, 7:30 pm, in the Alice Mackay Room. He'll be reading and signing his book.

Read a review here:

So you can buy this book along with Hockey Dad by Bob Mckenzie and Why the Leafs Suck by Al Strachan They are sure to make  great stocking stuffers for any guy or gal this Christmas.

And remember, each time you purchase one of these books you are helping a hard-working agent pay his phone bills and pay for the many meetings I have to attend via public transportation. Because I just Love public transportation...